Author: Artiaga, Julie

ExRx Professor Linda Pescatello – Featured in UConn Today Article

Dr. Linda S. Pescatello, AUConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology, and UConn graduate is featured in the latest edition of UConn Today. Focussed on Dr. Pescatello’s drive, motivation and passion for physical activity, the article delves into Linda’s major accomplishments within kinesiology and her research. Dr. Pescatello has worked on numerous major studies leading to landmark discoveries that has launched her onto the international stage as an expert in post-exercise hypotension. The article further highlights Pescatello’s involvement in development of key understandings concerning the effectiveness of exercise as lifestyle therapy. Linda has been a pivotal driver in creating the nationally recognized “exercise is medicine” movement. 


Pescatello’s research focuses on keeping people active through collaborations with clinical psychology researchers and a strong commitment to her craft, both derived from the challenges she strives to solve which have grown globally and internationally. Pescatello applies her exercise prescription research within clinical settings, helping doctors and health care professionals prescribe custom exercise plans for at-risk patients.


Further, Linda plays a critical role within UConn’s kinesiology curriculum development, and the department’s focus on the evidence-based health benefits of exercise. Linda is the lead faculty within UConn’s Exercise Prescription Online Graduate Certificate where her teaching is laser-focussed on the development of curiosity and independent thinking. Relaying these concepts to her students through experiential learning and problem-solving approaches is a primary goal of her teaching and an important part of her teaching philosophy. Specific to this effort, Linda states, “leaving that as a growing venture to the university is something I can give back.”


Pescatello’s desire to learn and the impact on students she mentors drives her motivation. The research she conducts positively impacts the way people lead their lives which has been a key motivator to continue the work in her field for over five decades. 

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Student Applies ExRx Knowledge to Help Others

In December 2021, Dave Dyer, a recent graduate of UConn’s Exercise Prescription (ExRx) Online Graduate Certificate, used what he learned in his classes to present on the “Influence of Exercise on Retired Adults.” Mr. Dyer presented his final project of the semester to over 100 seniors from Mystic and Stonington, CT. Throughout the presentation Dave synthesized and applied what he learned in KINS 5595: Special Topics in Exercise Prescription to illuminate and inspire attendees concerning the proven health benefits of regular exercise, recommended volume and type, and strategies to get started. Dave emphasized how exercise is medicine by supporting overall health, quality of life, and well-being. By taking KINS 5595, the last class in the UConn ExRx program, Dave was able to relate the topics discussed in class to his final KINS 5595 presentation and use this knowledge to share the benefits of exercise with others. Mr. Dyer made a difference in the lives of many and that’s an amazing thing to do.

The courses in the ExRx online certificate convey vital lessons about the importance of exercise and its ability to benefit physical, mental and overall well being. Dr. Linda Pescatello states,  “Dave is an excellent example of the diversity and type of student that take the ExRx certificate program.”