Low Intensity Exercise: Meeting Your Patients Where They Are with a Low Intensity Workout Plan

With your heart being one of the most important muscles  in your body, it requires exercise to strengthen it as well as your other muscles to improve overall health. What if your patients requiring a low intensity beginner workout routine could realize gains by doing something as simple as walking around their home or yard? The data are developing on the benefits of walking!

 Walking is extremely beneficial as seen in a review of clinical trials that have concluded aerobic exercise, such as walking, is an effective way of increasing good cholesterol HDL (high density lipoprotein cholesterol) and reducing triglycerides. And walking exercise at a high or moderate intensity for longer periods of time or distance will show more favorable effects up to a point.

“Walking is great because almost everyone can do it. And it doesn’t have to be a

big outing, if you are just starting out you can walk around the house to start.” 

-Linda S. Pescatello, Ph.D., Professor of Kinesiology at University of Connecticut

There are many different levels of fitness which is where a customized exercise intensity solution, such as walking, comes into play. It’s a good solution for many and it doesn’t matter if the walking is slow, fast, short or long distance. The point is to get patients moving.

And no matter what level of fitness suits your patients best, the Start-Where-You-Are Walking Plan created by Chris Twiggs was designed to meet them at their particular exercise intensity capabilities. Start your patients on a low intensity exercise routine that could eventually lead to greater gains by incorporating something like low impact cardio, or perhaps eventually, moderate aerobic activity at a later date should abilities increase. Chris is the chief training officer at Galloway Training in Atlanta Georgia and designed three different programs within the plan: One for making walking a habit, increasing the amount of time or distance you are walking, and for increasing your walking pace. 

Each program allows for individuals to walk towards a healthier tomorrow and improve their overall well-being safely.

Our team regularly contributes to growing the understanding that exercise is medicine. Learn more about Dr. Pescatello’s research behind the patient-specific tool in this article from Health Central:  https://www.healthcentral.com/article/beginners-walking-program.